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't Vat
't Vat grill‘t Vat is the best-known sidewalk café / restaurant in town. Anytime is the right time for an enjoyable break. Every day you can get delightful, simple meals, sandwiches, a nice soup, or just simply a snack there from 8 am till midnight. Most famous are its delicious sates, Vat Shrimps, Vatburger, the Cassava and Soato soup.
Besides meals you can also have a glass of cold beer, pure fruit juice or nice cup of coffee and also delicious sorbets. Don’t forget to ask for our special cocktails!
‘t Vat’ is famous abroad for its New Year’s Eve Surifesta Owru Yari street party. This is just one of the various annual festivities.
On Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is live-entertainment at 't VAT terrace.
Every last Thursday of the Month, hotel Zeelandia Suites organizes a Tourist Night in cooperation with ’t VAT, showing the diversity of Suriname in many ways.'t Vat old