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't Vat oud’t Vat was established in 1981. From the very start it has been the quintessential football cafe. It was the favourite haunt of the Cosmos veterans football club, for example. The opening hours were only on Thursdays and Saturdays from 12.00 o’clock. Especially on Saturdays the people would gather here for drinks and meals even though the menu exists of a daily dish.
The regulars even formed a Vat Team. Though Cosmos and the old Vat Team are no longer there, we still have the internal Vat football pools during the World Cup and the European Cup, and gather to root for Holland and Brazil.
’t Vat was also the start and finish of the rally sport in Suriname. Due to the crowd this hobby turned into a business that had to be runned by family members.
Even trough the economical crisis in 1990, ’t Vat kept on going and developed itself to what it is today.
In 1998 ‘t Vat was awarded for the highest nomination of tourism called the Fernand de Rooy Tourism Award.
What first started out as a favourite pastime, is now (inter-)nationally established.
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