Owru Yari (Old to New celebration)

’t Vat is renowned for its ‘Owru Yari’ (Old to New) events in which all Surinamese participate and your visit to Suriname is not complete if you have not been part of Owru Yari at ‘t Vat.

The owru yari festivities start immediately after Christmas with a gradual climax towards December 31st. Colorful fireworks deck out the evening sky across the entire country.

Old and young come together festively, the various ethnic cultures of Suriname and different nationalities join each other, old friends and acquaintances meet, old feuds are put aside, families are reunited, all to collectively end the old year and welcome the new year, in a festive and exuberant atmosphere.

The ‘Pagara estafette’ street parties and live music bands turn it all into a unique and memorable event.