At ‘t Vat, you can enjoy one of our enticing and exotic cocktails. Our cocktail variety offers different flavours and colours so all tastes are catered for.

For heavy drinkers who like something a bit stronger, we serve cocktails with harder liquor based on whiskey or tequila.

Those who do like alcohol but not too strong, can try one of our refreshing and fruity cocktails with a passoa or pisang ambon base.

‘t Vat is also ideal for a social gathering with your colleagues after a hard week of work, or to celebrate a birthday or special event. Or just to enjoy a relaxed evening out. We have a suitable cocktail for every moment.

Our creative bar team makes sure that new cocktails are added to our assortment regularly.

The various ingredients, selected with care; a mix of various flavours, perfectly attuned, result in an enticing cocktail which you just cannot miss out on during your visit at ’t Vat.