't Vat

The idea to rebuild the former parental home into a business premises was actualized in 1981. In the early years, 't Vat served as a beer pub and as the hangout bar of soccer club Cosmos. The opening hours were on Thursdays and Saturdays from 12.00 hrs. Saturday afternoon in particular, was a favourite time for people to come here to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. The menu consisted of a few dishes and the meal depended largely on what the cook had prepared for the day.

't Vat was also renowned as venue for the start and finish of the rally sport in Suriname. Due to the increased number of visitors, 't Vat could no longer be regarded as just a hobby and it was necessary to take people into employment, in addition to stand in family members.

Despite the years of economic depression in the 90’s, 't Vat managed to hold its ground. Today, 't Vat is the most crowded outdoor cafe in Paramaribo with extensive opening hours, a varied menu and year-round events and activities.

No longer a hobby, ’t Vat is now an (inter) nationally renowned spot.